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The Seznec Brothers

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The Seznec Brothers are Cory and Yann. They really are brothers, though it may seem like an elaborate ruse to gain credibility. Cory lives in France. Yann lives in Scotland. When they meet up they make music.

The Seznec Brothers have played music together for about 20 years. Their influences and musical interests are vast, ranging from Appalachian banjo music to 20th century electroacoustic composition by way of 1960s West African pop and interactive sound art.

Using mostly acoustic instruments including gourd banjos, pianos, guitars, the brothers defy strict categorization. Their music is strongly rooted in tradition yet forward looking, introspective yet universal, straightforward yet complex.

By day Yann Seznec is director Lucky Frame and is also the Amazing Rolo – his work is ace, so multiplying the Seznecs x 2 can surely only mean even more goodness.

Yann and Cory will be touring Scotland and playing in Dundee at:
Drouthy’s on Wednesday 1st May 2013 at 8:00pm. £5 entry.
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