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We Dundee needs you!


You have probably heard that Dundee is bidding to be the next UK City of Culture in 2017 – which would be an incredible chance to show off our immense cultural scene. Creative Dundee is helping support the bid through a new platform, and we need you to do what you do best – be creative!

We Dundee is an evolving project which has been created initially to show the tremendous imagination and enthusiasm of people and demonstrate the difference that becoming UK City of Culture could make to us individually and as a city.

We Dundee is now looking for your insights, 2,017 reasons to be exact, before the bid deadline of April 30th to help explain why Dundee should be the next City of Culture. This could be a place, an event, a person, an attitude – something you think is one of the city’s ‘hidden secrets’. We want the judges to be amazed about the richness and variety of what goes on in the city, past, present and future; and not just with the obvious wonderful assets we have.

The ‘We Wall’ is already filling up fast and by clicking through each of the images you can view the incredibly diverse mix of thoughtful contributions so far.

Please do show your support to your cultural scene – whatever it is – and get behind the bid, thanks!

Visit the We Dundee wall and share your city insights before 30th April please: 

and then join the conversation:


If you want to find out more about Dundee’s plans for the bid, including how we can all get more involved in it in the future, please do check out Bryan Beattie’s recent PKN talk:


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