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The Next Step is a free workshop on 23rd May in Dundee, aimed at creative businesses who have been running for 3 or more years and are looking to take stock/develop their practice.

Run by Cultural Enterprise Office, this workshop helps you take stock of your established business, review your achievements, consider options for development, kick start new plans, and renew motivation.

What to expect:
The workshop includes exercises and plenty of discussion to help you examine the things that you are passionate about, those you are the best at and those that make financial sense for your future.


What you’ll get out of it:
Reassurance, clarity, confidence and greater understanding of how to progress the next stage of your business by identifying;


  • the values which are indispensable to you and your business
  • what changes could help you utilise time and money more efficiently
  • what you want to consolidate or eliminate in order to move your business forward 


“Was a really good experience even for the fact of meeting up with other creative individuals in the same boat. Reassured that I am still on the right track even if I don’t yet have a lot of the answers”
“Learned how to clarify my activities against time spent and income generated. These exercises will help me focus my business plan”
“Began to explore what my real desires are in what I want to do against what I could achieve and generate a decent income”
“Financial efficiency will be my new favourite phrase”


Visit Cultural Enterprise Office’s website for more info: The Next Step

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