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Summer is coming – Generator & Tinroof


Generator Projects and Tin Roof are collaborating on a programme of summer events and are they currently accepting proposals for short term exhibitions, workshops, screenings, one-off and off site events as well as micro residencies at Tin Roof. 

They are keen to open up this opportunity to those involved in all creative disciplines, so check out the poster details and get applying! Meanwhile next on at Generator…


/////I take into my arms more than I can bear to hold
June 22nd – July 14th
Preview: June 21st 7-9pm
Lauren Printy Currie and Valerie Norris will exhibit a series of works, sculptural assemblages and an installation of nominated books creating a mise-en-scene of colour, form and association. The artists will create a commentary on the act of looking, exploring the shifts and slippages between reality, perception and imagination.
/////Found Materials: Co-hosted with the Centre for Modern Thought
June 29th 1pm – 4pm
Centre for Modern Thought in collaboration with Generator Projects will hold a discussion and poetry reading in response to Lauren Currie and Valerie Norris’ upcoming exhibition ‘I take into my arms more than I can hold.’Participants:
Chris Heppell (Centre for Modern Thought, Aberdeen)
Eilidh Glendinning-Clarke (Centre for Modern thought)
Lauren Currie (Artist, Glasgow)
Valerie Norris (Artist, Dundee)Key texts which may be of further interest to read before or after the event are Jane Bennett, The Enchantment of Modern Life / Vibrant Matter, Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Timothy Morton, Ecology without Nature: rethinking environmental aesthetics, Alana Jelinek, This is Not Art, Maurice Blanchot, Literature and the Right to Death.

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