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Fancy developing your skills, learning from artists and specialists, in a grand old house, enjoying the bliss of this historic and peaceful place? If so, Hospitalfield’s summer programmme could be your retreat!



5 – 8 August 2013

Tutor: Jennifer McRae

Life drawing has always been at the core of all learning and skill development when it comes to figuration within drawing and painting. As soon as you sit at an easel in front of a life model you immediately become connected to art history. This weekend will provide you with a fantastic context and an excellent tutor to enable you to develop your skills and above all, to enjoy an intense few days of drawing. Jennifer McRae has decided to take the life model out of the studio and in to the highly decorative surroundings of Hospitalfield House. The house offers a complex backdrop that connects the uniqueness of the situation, with all the evident layers of time and history, to the present day. Your tutor will also ask you to limit your range of materials to the use of pencil only; a wide range of pencils but a limit never the less. This a very useful strategy for learning, one that will focus the mind on the development of the skills that come from concentrating on looking and drawing and avoids the sort of distraction that comes from the availability of too many different materials. The opportunity to set the life model against the interior of the house will enable you to consider both the concerns of anatomy and the expression of the overall visual situation. The aim I to a complete a drawing/s that have the same considered intensity in monochrome as you might achieve when you use paint.



16 – 18 August 2013

Tutor: Lisa Simmons

You will spend a weekend at Hospitalfield House immersed in the life and works of Violet Jacob and take away with you an unforgettable experience and a new or renewed enthusiasm for Jacob’s work. You will learn about her early years with a visit to The House of Dun where she spent her childhood. We will visit Dun Church where she worshipped and visit the William Lamb studio in Montrose which houses a sculpture of Violet. All of this, with ample opportunity to read, discuss and listen to recitals of Violet Jacob’s work in a relaxed and welcoming environment of Hospitalfield House.

Violet Jacob remains largely unknown as a major influential writer of the 20th century, born in to an old aristocratic family of Angus in 1863, she was raised at The House of Dun, situated on the outskirts  of Montrose. If you would like to know a more about Violet Jacob and in doing so the County of Angus where she spent much of her life, this weekend will offer you a chance to study her literature as well as discover more about the life and influences of this important Scottish writer. Hospitalfield House offers a wonderful welcoming environment to take time out and focus upon the life of an Angus woman who left an ineradicable influence upon 20th century Scottish writing.



4 – 6 October 2013

Tutors: Allison Gibbs and Mat Fleming

About the Course: The course introduces participants to the processes and techniques involved in filming, processing and screening 16mm film. You will have the opportunity to film on site and then process the film during the weekend course. Equipment is provided. More information about the tutors and the course content is available on their website:

Booking and Course Costs: course costs start at £275 (full board residential) £210 (non-residential). The life drawing course is slightly longer and costs £375 (full board residential).

Contact: Laura Simpson / / 01241 656124



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