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Jennifer Robson art classes

JenRobsonJennifer Robson is a Dundee Artist who graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2004 with a degree in Drawing and Painting. After leaving art school, Jennifer managed The White Gallery in Dundee until 2009, she now works as a full time artist in her studio at WASPS Dundee. 

She has just finished exhibiting her first large scale show at the Meffan in Forfar, The Girl who had a Tail which featured drawing, painting, installation, sculpture and embroidery. Jennifer offers individual tuition and drawing classes from her Dundee studio, WASPS Meadow Mill in Dundee. 

Monday 12th August -16th September 2-4pm
Wednesday 14th August – 18th September 6.30-8.30pm
Saturday 17th – 21st September 2-4pm

Building your own Language – Art Class
Monday 12th August -16th September 2-4pm
Intermediate – Advanced
£90 6 weeks

This class is for members who have attended Jen’s classes previously or are professional artists/designers who want to be challenged within their own practice, are missing the mentoring of Art school. The group is ebcouraged to take part in what we will cover. Alongside facilitating play you will develop your own work and be shown techniques to help you find your own voice in your art. Variety of stimuli and imput invested where it is student led. Visits to Botanic gardens, D’Arcy Thomson museum, McManus galleries and more. Working towards an exhibition in block 2 to be held in Dundee. Spaces limited to 4. Some materials are provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own that you enjoy using.

Scared of the Paper?
Wednesday 14th August – 18th September 6.30-8.30pm
£90 6 weeks

Scared of the paper? This class focuses on finding the fun in art, learning to express yourself with simple materials and techniques and skills that can open up your ability to draw anything. Learn how by combining regular practice of accidental and automatic drawing and observational drawing skills together can improve your art overall. In a comfortable intimate environment, small groups. Spaces limited to 4. Materials provided.

Mixed Media
Saturday 17th – 21st September 2-4pm
Beginners- Intermediate-Advanced
£tbc 6 weeks

This class is about working with large pieces of paper and using materials to go wild and express yourself, about letting go and having fun and materials provided. A drawing workout for the weekend, it can help you relax, vent and generally have a good play with this exciting afternoon class. Automatic and subconcious drawings and drawing to music are some of the features. Opportunity to work big – which often we don’t have space at home. Subjects and themes are provided each week. MESSY! Some materials provided but please also bring your own.

Discount w/shops for all class attendees at dates tba at Botanic gardens, D’Arcy Thomson museum, McManus galleries and more.

To book or discuss further, contact Jennifer Robson on 07793046257 or

One-to-one sessions are also available £25 p/hr £45 p 2hr and advanced block booking discounts.


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