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Maker Culture with Tech Journalist Bill Thompson

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Technology Journalist, Bill Thompson explores the emerging Maker Culture and its impact on culture and society on Friday 11 October, 7.30pm, in his talk – How to Work in a World of Makers

The talk, organised by ‘The Oxygen Lecture Series’ in partnership with Creative Scotland and DJCAD, University of Dundee will examine maker culture as a technology-based extension of DIY culture including engineering- oriented pursuits such as electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, and the use of CNC tools, as well as more traditional activities such as metalworking, woodworking, and traditional arts and crafts. The subculture stresses new and unique applications of technologies, and encourages invention and prototyping focusing on using and learning practical skills and applying them creatively. The talk explores all aspects with practical examples and demonstrations.

Bill Thompson has been working in, on and around the Internet since 1984 and spends his time thinking, writing and speaking about the ways digital technologies are changing our world. As a well-known technology journalist Bill contributes both on and off-line to many publications including The Times and The New Statesman. He is Head of Partnership Development in the BBC’s Archive Development Group, and a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art.

Bill appears weekly on Click on BBC World Service radio, writes a monthly column for Focus magazine and advises leading arts and cultural organisations on digital strategies. He is a member of the board of Writers’ Centre Norwich.

Bill was Internet Ambassador for PIPEX, the UK’s first commercial ISP developed websites for Comic Relief and the Edinburgh Fringe before moving to Guardian Newspapers as Head of New Media establishing the paper’s first website.

How to Work in a World of Makers

Friday 11 Oct 7.30 pm Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee



Twitter:  @billt

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