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This Much We Know – Dundee’s Creative Story


With so much creative activity going on across the city and with such exciting future opportunities – how did Dundee become such a vibrant and creative place?

This Much We Know, hosted by Creative Dundee during NEoN Digital Arts Festival, took us on a retrospective tour through the city’s cultural and creative history. On the night, 3 November 2013, around 60 people packed out Caffe Borsa to hear from 8 great speakers who talked about their creative experiences over the decades. It was inspiring to hear such honest and open chats about their highs and lows shaping the city. Each talk proved that collaboration across disciplines and the ‘get on and make it happen’ ethos has always been incredibly strong in Dundee.

We heard the stories from the individuals who made it happen, setting the foundations of Dundee’s great creative scene. Through passion, determination and collaboration, these people faced set-backs and challenges, shaping the creative scene into the one that we all know, love and continue to grow today.

We won’t be able to tell the whole tale without you, we need your stories, the people and organisations who have helped shape the city around us.

“Men can be graceful, this much I know” Michael Marra

Photos from the night can be found here

Speakers included:

Sheena Wellington – Scotland’s renowned traditional singer gave a great Introduction to the event, talking about music’s role when she was growing up.

Amanda Lowson – Community drama and creative learning has always been strong in the city. Amanda of Dundee Rep talked about her personal experiences of getting involved in community drama.

John Harvey – Almost 30 years ago, the community drama project Witch’s Blood changed the city forever. Hundreds of people got involved across the city and thousands came to watch it. John was the man who adapted the novel to make it happen.

Matthew Jarron – As Curator of Museum Services at University of Dundee, Matthew gave us an impressive account of the city’s vibrant visual arts scene and Dundee’s original art collectives.

Lesley Farquhar – From the city’s many dance halls, through to Scottish Dance Theatre, Space, and Dundee Dance Partnership, dance has always played a huge role in the city. Lesley talked us through its history and her involvement in NEoN’s La Lumière in 2011.

Chic Harper – Baillie Marshall was launched 35 years ago and became the largest independent communications group in Scotland, Chic talked about his experiences and the moustaches.

Venue: Caffe Borsa*

When: Sunday 3rd November 2013

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm


Follow the event on Twitter: #TMWK

*Caffe Borsa serves food and drinks – alcoholic and cafe beverages!

This Much We Know – hosted by Creative Dundee and part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2013.


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