Creative Dundee

One Day in Dundee

This video was created to show the vibrancy across Dundee’s cultural scene and was produced in support of Dundee’s bid for UK City of Culture 2017, during 2013 – find out more at – a crowd-sourcing platform used to capture ideas from everyone about the city’s future.

One Day in Dundee: A Bonnie Brae Productions / Flyboy Creative production in association with Son of the Sea and Nipote Film.
Ed Broughton and Nikki Broughton – Producers
John Fairfield – Producer and Co-Director
Red – Co-Director
Dylan Drummond – Director of Photography
Additional photography – Chris Scott Photography
Violet Palak 1st A.D.
Alan McIlrath 1st A.C.
Michal Zagorksi 2nd A.C.
Steph Johnstone – Production Assistant
Zoe Venditozzi – Production Assistant


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