Mid Week Meet – Wed 5th February


We’ll be holding our first event of the year – Mid Week Meet on Wednesday 5th February 2014.  So please join us at this free event for a drink and a blether…

Mid Week Meets are simply a chance for creative people from all backgrounds to meet informally and have a chat. We run them on the first Wednesday of every month as a way to better connect people in and around the city.

At each MWM we tend to have a couple of people briefly talking through what they are working on, or are planning. We also open the floor to talk about anything you fancy and just leave you to chat to people you don’t see everyday. The deal is that these events have to work for your needs, so they are super flexible.

  • Text Artist, Aidan Moesby will be joining us to tell us about the Dundee Feels project. Aidan is working in collaboration with DCA to create a barometer of wellbeing for Dundee – providing a space – real, imagined or virtual – to reflect on ‘how things are’ and how can they be maintained or improved. @Dundeefeels #Dundeefeels


Mid Week Meet in February 

Date: Wednesday 5th February 2014

Time: Starts 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Caffe Borsa, Panmure Street, Dundee, DD1 1ED (across from McManus)

Ticket: Free