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Looking to collaborate with fellow creators and devise new projects? The Crossover Scotland Creative Lab is a residential workshop lead by industry veterans for creative practitioners to explore the possibilities of collaborating across disciplines and develop an understanding of producing content across platforms.

25th – 28th March 2014 (arrival Monday 24th March), £125 +VAT

Applications close 4th March 2014

Who’s it for? The Crossover Scotland Creative Lab is for anyone working in a creative field interested in making new collaborative interactive work across media platforms.

Crossover Labs are designed to take creative people out of their comfort zone and promote working with others to create amazing products. Bring three videogame designers together and you’ll probably end up with a videogame. What happens though when you bring together a videogame designer, an installation artist and a dance choreographer? Crossover Labs bring together likeminded talented people from across the media and arts landscape to work together and develop.

Participants will leave the lab with a tangible understanding of how to work in different disciplines and utilise the digital landscape effectively to develop exciting projects. You’ll also depart with greater knowledge of a host of fields and a considerably increased range of contacts from across the creative disciplines.

Programme Overview

The Creative Lab will engage participants with a range of issues facing the development of work across platforms and demystify the process of working in different disciplines. The course will cover the following modules over the 4 days:

– How Audiences Behave in the Digital Space
Develop an inherent understanding how people access media, which platforms they use, when and why and explore the relationship between consumers and content.
– Mapping
Participants map their own use of digital media and the current media ecology evaluating barriers, opportunities and new business models.
– Idea Generation
Take part in detailed case studies of successful interactive concepts which provide a stimulus for idea generation, teach brainstorming and introduce development tools.
– Selection, collaboration, development
Day Three onwards, participants form cross-disciplinary teams and new collaborations and proto-production ‘joint ventures’ form around new projects.

Teams then develop their projects ahead of a Closing Pitch where they receive mentor and peer feedback, advice and encouragement, leaving the lab empowered with a greater understanding of the media ecology and tangible knowledge of creating work across disciplines.

What you get: The cost of the lab covers accommodation and meals for the 4 days of the lab and all materials required will be provided.

How to apply? The lab is for 21 participants and applications are open now. Applications are subject to review and do not guarantee a place on the lab.

Click here to complete the registration form. Once complete you’ll be asked to pay a non-refundable £25 deposit for the lab and if your application is successful upon review you’ll be asked to pay the extra £100.

If we offer you a place on the lab and you decline the offer we will not refund the deposit. If you are unsuccessful however we will refund your deposit.

Access the application form here.


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