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Tedium – Yasmin Davidson

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TIN ROOF are proud to present an exhibition of new sculptural and mixed media work by Dundee artist Yasmin Davidson.

TEDIUM is an exploration into the artist’s own childhood experiences, examining the ephemeral nature of memory and how the lens through which we look at the world changes with age. The artist invites you in, to engage and to position yourself within her private world and the skewed reality the work inhabits. Centering around the artists recollections of her Grandmother’s home and the things that used to occupy her as a small child TEDIUM displays both humour and poignancy in equal measure, straddling between the familiar and alien simultaneously.

“Davidson’s style of childlike representation achieves a state of absolute subjectivity. It enables the Dundee artist to take a clean shot at earnest introspection, untainted by the distorting imagery of popular culture and historical background.
In attempting to cast off the habits and prejudices formed by tradition, her work does nonetheless bear some comparison. These uninhibited expressions of form and meaning are influenced as much, perhaps, by outsider art, as by early-modernist surrealism. At once humorous, striking and honest.”

– Sarah Ryan, Founder of New Blood Art

TEDIUM – Yasmin Davidson

Preview: Friday 2nd May 2014 at 7pm

Runs: Saturday 3rd May – 11th May 2014

Tin Roof, Bellfied Street, Dundee

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