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Dundee Wearable Art Competition


Dundee Wearable Art Competition encourages artists, designers, makers and dreamers from Dundee and beyond, to participate in making works of art using the body as a canvas for creativity. Believed to be Scotland’s first Wearable Art Competition, it is now open for entries until 8th September, with Dundee Wearable Art Show taking place on Saturday 11th October 2014, at Dundee Rep’s Bonar Hall.

Enter one of those 3 sections – Technology, Scottish Stories, Open section and get the opportunity to showcase your wearable art objects and perhaps win an award.  The competition is open to people of all ages and all creative backgrounds, including – but not limited to – fine art, contemporary art, hand-craft, fashion, costume design, make-up, live performances and new technologies.

You can investigate, imagine, design and create your wearable art objects on your own or in a group. You are encouraged to use all kind of materials, techniques and skills sets to create and showcase your work, which will be judged on their quality, originality and innovation.

Wearable Art Shows and competitions take many forms around the world from small initiatives, organised fund-raising events, to large highly produced exhibitions. The Dundee Wearable Art Compatiton was initiated by event manager Claire Dufour and wearable art expert Alice La Rooy. Trading as By Ricochet, they will be delivering the Dundee Wearable Art Awards Show as a fund-raising event for the benefit of Dundee WestFest and Friends of Magdalen Green’s projects.

They are seeking local partners to sponsor awards. Each section of entries will be associated with an award, along additional awards such as ‘Young designer’ or ‘Spirit of Dundee’. You can also suggest us an award that suits your business best – like ‘Best use of yarn’ sponsored by Fluph, ran by yarn lover Leona who loves a good squish… of yarn obviously!

You have until September 8th to submit your entry. Finalists will be pre-selected from submitted photos and will be invited to present their works at the Awards Show.

For more information about how to enter the competition, visit their website at

Wearable_Art_ARIrwin McLean Lab_R

For some inspiration, Claire is modelling a colourful figures dress inspired by early abstract art movements and artists such as Kandinsky and Picasso. Paola McClure’s art works, as a textile sculptor, are influenced by primitive art, sic-fi kitsch and a love of pattern.




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