Creative Dundee

Dundee MakerSpace is here!


Dundee MakerSpace is a newly formed community workshop that hopes to further all the creative activities within the city and surrounding areas. They are a 100% volunteer run group who have recently established their home base at the Meadow Mills building. 

Dundee MakerSpace is part of the global drive to encourage everyone to be more creative, by providing an open space for anyone to learn and to collaborate on exciting projects. By bringing together people with diverse creative, scientific and artistic backgrounds and interests, they want to help nurture and grow ideas and enhance local skills.

To ensure that Dundee MakerSpace can provide the ideal space, the team are searching for equipment, tools and furniture, such as chairs, workbenches, desks, projectors, printers and anything else useful!

If you have have any spare furniture or equipment which you think deserves a good second home, then please do let Dundee MakerSpace know at – they may be able to pick donations up, or they can arrange a date for anything to be dropped off at Dundee MakerSpace HQ.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Dundee MakerSpace then keep any eye out on their website and join them at their Monday Maker Meetups to find out what’s going on.



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