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May Meet in Mutual

Sogol_Mabadi_Photo_by_Tor Jonsson.The_Family_Transmission Gallery_2014

Sogol Mabadi

May Meet In Mutual centres around the exhibition of newly developed sculptural and performance work by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid and Craig Thomson, in the Park Ranger Centre in Baxter Park, Dundee. Co-curated by MMIM (Katie Reid and Emma Reid) the project seeks to explore the potentials and complexities of site responsive practice, through an exhibition, conversation event and the preceding Micro Residency.

The exhibition May Meet In Mutual, opens on Friday 29 August with an Open Install and Preview of new work by Mabadi, Reid and Thomson. Responding to the situation of the Park Centre within Baxter Park, the artists share a common interest in boundaries, edges, and the in between and how these affect peoples’ interaction and relations.

A Micro Residency on 27 & 28 August undertaken by the artists in May Meet In Mutual alongside five artists selected through an Open Call functions as a fast-paced test bed to open up discussion surrounding site responsive practice. The artists will use this time to research and/or make work in response to the Park Centre, and share and exchange ideas with one another. During the Preview of the exhibition by Mabadi, Reid and Thomson, on Friday 29 August, an Open Stage event acts as a platform for those who took part in the Micro Residency to share performance, spoken-word and video works developed earlier in the week.


Craig Thomson

Dates to Note: Open Install: 3-6pm, Friday 29 August. Join the artists and curators as they finalise the installation of new works by Mabadi, Reid and Thomson in the Park Ranger Centre.
Preview with Open Stage: 6-9pm, Friday 29 August. Preview of the exhibition May Meet In Mutual, including an Open Stage event with performance, spoken word, screenings and music presented by the artists of the exhibition and those who contributed to the Micro Residency earlier in the week.
Conversation Over Coffee: 3-4pm, Saturday 30 August. Relaxed discussion event co-ordinated with invited speakers, Annie Crabtree and Beth Savage. Alongside the artists and visitors take part in this Conversation Over Coffee navigating the potentials and complexities of site responsive artistic/curatorial practice and what it might mean to work in this way today.

Emma Reid

Exhibition Open: 10am-4pm, Saturday & Sunday 30 & 31 August

More about the artists:

Sogol Mabadi was born in Tehran, grew up in Sweden and moved to the UK in 2005. Mabadi graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010. Recent exhibitions include ‘Home Diversions’, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2014), ‘Spelling Space’, Pipe Factory, Glasgow (2014), ‘Dear Green’, ZK/U, Berlin (2014) and ’24 Spaces- A Cacophony’ Malmö Konsthall, Sweden (2013), part of a larger commission by Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh) and generatorPROJECTS (Dundee). Mabadi has an interest in the idea of an innate ‘veil’, which does not mask but simply exists, like an encryption with a unique code of its own, her practice encourages and prompts the lifting of this veil.

Emma Reid is an artist based in Glasgow, she graduated from Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art in 2012. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Please DO touch the artwork’ Art Playground, Cheltenham, (2014) ‘SAY Art Commission Shortlist Exhibition’ Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow, (2013) ‘RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition’ RSA, Edinburgh (2013) ‘SSA Annual Open Exhibition’ (2013). For May Meet In Mutual, Reid will install a number of installations which centre on the gesture of pointing. Simultaneously acting as invitations, provocations, and directions to the audience, the installations may be playful yet also hold a tension, which comes from the awareness of looking and of being seen. Like the glass walls of the Park Ranger Centre, which suggest openness and visibility, yet are obscured and fragmented by reflections and glares, we may look in, through, behind and at our own reflections almost at once.

Craig Thomson is an artist, musician and writer currently living and working in Fife, he graduated from Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practice at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2012. Thomson produces drawings and sculptural works that often take inspiration from his day job as a timber frame carpenter; turning this hands on experience towards an investigation into the absurd and precarious nature of human relations to materiality which underlies the everyday. Craig Thomson’s work, ‘VINCIT VERITAS’ developed for May Meet In Mutual consists of a handmade replica section of the Baxter Park boundary fence. Transposed from cast iron into wood and dislocated from its original, authoritarian function, the architecture sheds its austere immobility and is remade as a piece of mobile and utilitarian furniture. ‘Vincit Veritas’ – Truth Prevails  (Baxter Family Motto)

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