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May Meet In Mutual Residency


Interested artists (including visual artists, musicians, writers, etc.) are invited to answer an Open Call to take part in this two-day Micro Residency which begins the project May Meet In Mutual.

Micro Residency: Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 August:
The two-day Micro Residency is an opportunity to research and/or make work in response to the site and most importantly to share and exchange ideas with others. We seek artists who are interested in considering what can be important/complex/exciting/problematic about site-responsive practice. Micro Residents will be invited to share responses during the Open Stage event on Friday 29 August while an exhibition of works by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson opens to the public. The Open Stage format will be particularly suited to Micro Residents who intend to focus on performance, text, or video-based work.

Micro Residents will utilise the Park Centre where desk space and basic materials will be supplied, and lunch will be provided on Wednesday 27 August & Thursday 28 August.

To Submit a Note Of Interest for the MMIM Micro Residency:
Please submit your Note Of Interest to by 5pm Tuesday 12 August 2014. MMIM look forward to hearing from you. See the website for more information on the Micro Residency.

This project is organised by MMIM, a collaboration between Emma Reid & Katie Reid. This is an ongoing project, in August it will take the shape of May Meet In Mutual exhibition and events series to open up an investigation of site-responsive artistic and curatorial practice and will be based in the Park Centre in Baxter Park, Dundee. Integral to the project is the Micro Residency on 27 & 28 August which will act as a fast-paced test bed to begin discussion surrounding site-responsive practice. May Meet In Mutual continues with an exhibition of newly developed works by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson during 29 – 31 August. During the Open Evening of the exhibition on Friday 29 August an Open Stage enables Micro Residents to share or present text, spoken, video or performance works if they wish.

Dates To Note:

May Meet In Mutual
Park Centre, Baxter Park, Dundee
Exhibition of site-responsive sculptural and performance work by Sogol Mabadi, Emma Reid & Craig Thomson.

Deadline for Notes of Interest MMIM Micro Residency: 12 August, 5pm

Micro Residency: 27 & 28 August (not open to the public)

Open Install of exhibition of works by Mabadi, Reid & Thomson: 29 August, 3-6pm

Open Night with Open Stage: 29 August, 6-9pm

Conversation over Coffee: 30 August, 3-4pm

Exhibition Open: 30 August & 31 August, 10am-4pm


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