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Forgan Arts Centre


Forgan Arts Centre in Newport-on-Tay was established in 1978 and has built up a membership and group of tutors that have been loyal and supportive over the years. It has been a charity since then, managed by an elected voluntary committee with Fife Council employing the tutors.

The Centre is now going through the process of becoming an independent charity separate from the Council, although they still remain very supportive and have been helping us through this difficult but exciting time of change! The Centre is currently being run by a hard working voluntary committee, who have just appointed a part-time Coordinator to ensure its smooth running as well as development and growth.

They are thrilled that the Coordinator will start in early October and look forward to linking up more with the wonderful creativity in Dundee as well as in north Fife.


They have a wider range of subjects on offer than ever before in their ambitious re-launch of this well-established Arts hub.

Forgan Arts Centre is rooted in the community and strives to offer educational and cultural opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, in an environment that enriches well-being.

They have a full programme which you can see more on below or on their website:



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