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Dundee Sustainability Jam 2014

Returning to tackle the world’s big issues this November 21st – 23rd; the Dundee Sustainability Jam invite you to commit just 48 hours to designing with a difference!

Like a music jam, a sustainability jam is also about improvisation and working fast and risk free to try out new ideas and new ways of working, all while generating a buzz of excitement through connecting with other ‘jammers’ at Global Sustainability Jam’s all around the globe using various social networks.

Ross Crawford was one of the organisers of last year’s jam: “We had business people, social workers, students, designers and many others of all ages working together on challenging design issues. And the big challenge is – do it in two days! The excitement generated was incredible, but for me the highlight was connecting in real-time by video with other jammers from Beirut to Bogotá.”

This year’s jam will be held at Skill Share Dundee where jammers will have access to Skill Share’s workshop and an opportunity to bring their ideas to life while learning new practical skills and crafts. Jammers will connect with the global design jams, take part in design skills workshops and games, listen to short talks by inspiring speakers, meet some exciting new faces and design a project to present to the world.


Dundee Sustainability Jam Logo
Dundee Sustainability Jam

Friday 21 November to Sunday 23 November 2014
Skill Share Dundee HQ, Dundee
Tickets: £8.00

You can get your ticket from Eventbrite.
There are a range of tickets available for students, industry professionals, community members. Insight tickets are also available for those unable to join the whole weekend jam.

Everyone is welcome to join the Jam!
At a jam you’ll meet people from all types of backgrounds. Here’s what some of last years jammers had to say about their experience.

 Please visit > for more details.


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