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Dundee MakerSpace have just moved to a new home and to celebrate are holding their most pointless event to date. The Pointlessness Hackathon will run on the 10th and 11th of January 2015 and challenges you to make the most pointless thing you can think of!

So what is a Pointlessness Hackathon?

At the Hackathon you will have a day and a bit to make the most pointless thing you can think of. It can be absolutely anything – something physical, digital or maybe even metaphysical? It could be the most finely crafted item of astounding beauty or something hastily cobbled together, it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that it is pointless!

To help you in crafting, creating and making your pointless things you will have access to the Makerspace workshops growing bank of tools and equipment including 3D printer, laser cutter, woodwork tools and electronics.

The event culminates with a quick 1 minute demo of your pointless item and the winner is decided by a group vote and will win an incredible pointless prize!

Who can get involved?

Tickets cost £5 and can be bought via Eventbrite.
Tickets include materials, food and drinks for contestants. If you can’t make it along for the whole weekend there are also free tickets to see the final presentations on Sunday.


Pointlessness Hackathon Logo

Pointlessness Hackathon
Dundee MakerSpace
10am Saturday, 10 January 2015  6pm Sunday, 11 January 2015

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