Creative Dundee

Timespan’s Geek in Residence


As part of Paradigm North, Timespan is offering a residency opportunity for an artist or creative practitioner to become their Geek-in-Residence.

The residency will be situated in Helmsdale, Sutherland in the Far North of Scotland. The Geek in Residence will be playing a vital role for the community introducing and activating new technologies. The aim is to explore the scope of digital production techniques through the use of state of the art machinery such as digital embroidery machine, CNC micro mill, 3D Printer, vinyl cutter, laser cutter and hand tools.

The residency provides a unique opportunity to activate a highly valuable asset to a remote area; technological advancements are developed within cities leaving periphery rural communities with little opportunity to develop the skills needed to utilize the technology; this is a project that highlights the importance of connectivity through the process of making.

An invitation to participate in an ambitious and engaging interdisciplinary programme within a remote but highly active highland village, introducing advanced technologies to the public through events, workshops and demonstrations. The Geek-in-Residence will invite discussion surrounding the use of the technology in a remote northern context, and explore how it can be implemented within the museum environment and how the processes affect an artistic practice.

The residency will culminate with Timespan’s inaugural international conference TRUE NORTH; a multidisciplinary event focussing on documentation in a remote northern context.

Residency Period:

It is expected the residency will begin as soon as possible or early February for a period of 3 months.

Resident’s Fee:

£3,000, accommodation in kind in Timespan’s Artist Flat, a small travel and materials budget is also available.

Submission Deadline:

Midnight (12:00am) Wednesday 21 January 2015. There is no specific format for applications, so please send your application to




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