Creative Dundee

ST.ART at St Andrews


Creative Dundee recently had the pleasure of catching up with some of the team behind ST.ART – a creative platform based in St Andrews. They run a blog, print two publications annually and host exhibitions and events to foster creativity within St Andrews and beyond.

The organisation was started in 2011 by a St Andrews University alumni, but has grown exponentially over the past four years, as they have connected with cultural organisations and individual artists worldwide. Their work strives to integrate diverse perspectives. They have provided a platform for emerging Scottish artists such as Eve Gardiner and Kirsty Maclennan and have profiled growing organisations such as Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline.


Over the past few months, ST.ART has focused on strengthening and broadening these connections with artists and other creative organizations in Scotland. One of their main goals is to use their online and print platforms to exhibit and promote the artists they engage with.



Have a look at their website and do get in touch if you would like to participate in the blog. In the ‘Magazine’ section of their website, you will find digital versions of past print issues. If you like what you see, look out for a call for submissions in the coming weeks as ST.ART is gearing up to put together their first issue of the year.

As there are only a few miles between Dundee and St Andrews, we look forward to following ST.ART’s work and developing more connections over that bridge of ours in both directions.






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