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What Remains – Generator


Generator proudly presents: WHAT REMAINS, featuring Hans K. Clausen and Kim W. Wilson. The exhibition brings together two artists who work directly with industrial and domestic by-products of human activity.

Hans K Clausen engages with urban detritus and the visual language of the city. He suggests ideas of consumption and consumerism inherent in material culture, collecting lost and forgotten singular gloves, converting disused vending machines, and using the motif of a skip.

Labour and industry is evident in Kim W. Wilson’s work, using reductive methods such as extraction, drying and incineration, compressing and reconstituting matter. She works with natural or processed materials that possess their own pre-histories and histories of transformation. These include visceral substances such as wool grease, bone oil, peat and bone ash, bovine gelatine and oil-shale waste.

Together the works evoke rich layers of land mass, presenting and reappropriating residues of human interaction with the material world.

Hans and Kim are both based in Edinburgh and have exhibited widely in the UK.

Preview: 27th March

Continues: 28th March – 19th April THURS-SUN, 12-5pm

Or by Appointment

Artist Talk: Wednesday 15th April, 7-9pm



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