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They Had Four Years – Generator


Generator Projects presents their annual group exhibition ‘They Had Four Years’. This exhibition features newly commissioned work by 2014 graduates from various art colleges across Scotland. The artists participating in this exhibition are engaged in a sense of play, addressing ideas of longing or desire and the concept of the unknown or unreachable.

Alima Askew+Timothea Armour present ‘Earnest Camouflage’, a body of work set in and around the Waters of Leith in Edinburgh. The titular concept is about the ways in which we inhabit environments that are architectural composites of contradictory histories and narratives. Two avatars, the Grey Smudge and Grey Heron, explore the ideological and architectural landscape of Edinburgh through a surreal performative dialogue.

Aaron McCarthy’s practice responds to definition of place, exploring how language is a form of world-building and the parallels of reading text and reading image. Working with sculptural text, appropriated objects and moving image, it is a form of thinking through how communication occurs in action. He has developed the installation Believe in the words you take and then speak forever. Aaron has received funding from the Hope Scott Trust and the Dundee Visual Artists Award.

Lily Morris presents a collaborative project in which the artist builds a go-kart with her father, using the methods and materials which he formerly adopted with his friends as a young boy, culminating in a documented journey and performance. The project is a recreation or retracing of a childhood ritual; a bridging between two generations and a bonding experience more commonly shared between solely male relations.

Cameron Orr is primarily concerned with notions of mystery and the unknown. Themes such as mysticism, the paranormal, metaphysics, dualism, folklore, the altered consciousness and psychedelia play roles in the work. For this exhibition Cameron presents a series of works that deal with the concept of ineffable thought.

Sophie Will presents an immersive installation using everyday household and scientific tools plus lo­fi light projection: the gallery becomes a site for cosmic contemplation. Using a micro/macro approach to the vastness of deep space, the work aims to encourage viewers to seek a direct relationship to the subject and contemplate existence beyond the familiar.

Previewing on the 23rd of May and continuing until June the 14th, the exhibition is open Thursday until Sunday 12-5.



New Exhibition: ‘They Had Four Years’

Exhibition Preview: Saturday 23rd May, 7-9pm

Exhibition Dates: 24th May to 14th June 2014. Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm.




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