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Hospitalfield Summer Open Weekend

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Over the weekend of 27-28 June, Hospitalfield will again open its doors to a programme of events including artist’s screenings, talks and conversations. There will also be tours and talks for those interested in the history of Hospitalfield House. Bespoke Atelier will also be running a workshop, so make sure you book a place. Read more about the event below and here.

Artists include: Bespoke Atelier, John Smith and Stephen Sutcliffe

READING SURFACE:- The interior surfaces of Hospitalfield House are designed, patterned, embossed, moulded and carved; wood, leather, stone, paper. Layers of use build up and wear away; marks and grime, a patina that offers a narrative, alternative to the more fixed story offered by the paper archive of letters and minute books.

Inspired by the pattern and surfaces within the house Bespoke Atelier will set up their practical design studio in the 1901 Studios at the back of Hospitalfield House. Join them in exploring the House and reflecting on other domestic environments for starting points to develop your own patten and pictorial designs during the workshop.

In the early evening of Saturday the influential artist film maker John Smith will screen his work Home Suite (1993-4) with evening discussion and dinner. Artist Stephen Sutcliffe will contribute to the weekend’s events by screening Our Mother’s House (1967) which will lead to a discussion with John Smith over brunch on Sunday. Sutcliffe will include in this brunch session an excerpt from Word for Word the 70s BBC book program presented by Robert Robinson in which Ian McEwan’s literary agent Tom Maschler, Auberon Waugh and Julian Gloag talk about the plot of McEwan’s ‘The Cement Garden’ and its notorious similarities to Gloag’s ‘Our Mother’s House’ which was published 15 years earlier.


All weekend: Display of Bespoke Atelier materials and resources.

All weekend: Drawing Tables set up with pattern and wallpaper resource books, lining paper rolls, ink chalk and brushes (Studios).

Saturday 27 June, 11am – 6pm

11am – 1pm: Bookable pattern design workshop with Bespoke Atelier (Studio and exploring the house for pattern inspiration).

12noon – 1pm: Heritage Tour (Main Entrance).

2pm – 2.40pm: Talk by Graham McNicol (Dining Room).

3pm – 4pm: Heritage Tour (Main Entrance).

4pm – 6pm: Screening of John Smith’s Home Suite (Study Room).

9pm to late: Screening introduced by Stephen Sutcliffe (Study Room).

Sunday 28 June, 11am – 5pm

11am – 1pm: Brunch discussion with John Smith led by Stephen Sutcliffe who will also show excerpts of his own work.

12noon – 1pm: Heritage Tour (Main Entrance).

2pm – 4pm: Bookable pattern design workshop with Bespoke Atelier (Studio and exploring the house for pattern inspiration).

2pm – 2.40pm: Talk by Graham McNicol (Study Room which used to be Patrick Allan-Fraser’s bedroom).

3pm – 4pm: Heritage Tour (Main Entrance).

Find out more and book for the workshop, here.


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