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Flow! Call for artists

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Following its debut at Contact Theatre in October of 2011, Flow! will bring together dancers and poets in an extraordinary fusion of movement and words.

Flow! is a revolutionary open stage event that sees dancers in close conversation with poets. From its roots in the USA, slam poetry has become a cultural phenomenon, touching the hearts and minds of those involved in the hip hop genre, as well as that of modern literature. Over the years, the lines between this form of performance and other arts have begun to blur. Flow! takes this a step further, allowing the spoken word to entwine itself with the human body. This event sees a succession of duets and group performances, teaming up poets and dancers to showcase their art forms collaboratively. Each pair locks, pops, spits and rhymes their way through a spontaneous set.

“Very occasionally in life, you get the opportunity to see something that is truly one of a kind. Something so unique that you are left feeling as if you have witnessed something truly magical. For me, Flow! #3 was that opportunity.” Nikki McCullen, Do More Magazine

A selection of dancers and spoken word artists will be invited to perform at Flow! FRINGE and Flow! DUNDEE. The show will be split into sections. Please find below an outline of the various rounds they have used before. They will use a selection of these for the Flow! FRINGE and Flow! DUNDEE events with Sweet Venues.

Flow! aims to introduce audiences to a new form of artistic collaboration. Inter-disciplinary art events are becoming very popular in the industry, and Flow! will showcase one form of collaboration which has not yet been widely experimented with.

Recruiting Artists

The Artifact is looking for dancers/physical theatre performers and spoken word artists to be involved in the show. The dancers can come from any genre of physical performance, and must be comfortable with improvisation. They are looking for spoken word artists of all kinds who may or may not be comfortable with freestyling.

To apply, find all information online here and please send a sample of your work to Gemma Connell at

Performance Details

17th August 2015 – Sweet Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 8:15pm
18th August 2015 – Sweet Venues, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 8:15pm
10th September 2015 – Sweet Venues, Dundee, 8pm
10th December 2015 – Sweet Venues, Dundee, 8pm
We will meet around 1 hour before the show starts, to discuss how the show will work. Each performance will last 1 hour.


The Artifact is currently crowd funding for these performances, in order to pay each artist for their work. They cannot guarantee the outcome of this crowd funding campaign, however they will be able to pay travel expenses for those coming from the local area.

If you would like to support Flow! then visit their campaign to find out more.


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