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The UNESCO City of Design Dundee team would like to encourage as many good quality applications as possible to the £200,000 fund for Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

The Scottish Government has indicated that they want the year to celebrate the new City of Design designation, so we’d like to encourage as many events as possible in the city.

The year is to celebrate Innovation, Architecture and Design, so events must promote or celebrate these disciplines, in some form.

The official description says: “Supporting events from a minimum award of £4,000 up to a maximum of £20,000, the funding will be awarded to enhance existing event programmes or create new event activity which supports the objectives of the year, encouraging participation and boosting tourism.”

The amount must be part, not all, of your funding. The event must be focused on visitors and bringing extra people to the city.

If you’re interested in putting in an application, Project Coordinator Annie Marrs is available to discuss your application if you require any support, as well as trying to match you with partners. If you are intending to submit an application but do not feel that you need support, it would be helpful if you could share the details of your application with the team so that we have an overview of Dundee’s potential programme.

Applications for funding can only be made by formally constituted organisations, so if any individuals have ideas we will try and find them an appropriate partner.

To make an appointment to discuss applications, please email or call Annie Marrs | Project Coordinator | Dundee UNESCO City of Design & Place Partnership Programme on either or Tel: 01382 307455, as soon as possible as the deadline for applications is Friday 24 July.
Full details, the application form and guidance are available here.

• Events must take place in Scotland in 2016 and be accessible to the public
• Applications must be made by a formally constituted organisation
• Funding will not be provided for core or capital purchase costs
• Applications will be accepted from both new and enhanced existing events
• Existing events need to demonstrate that they have the capacity to further develop and grow in terms of audience/spectator/participant numbers in 2016
• Awards cannot offer replacement funding or fill budget gaps created by the withdrawal of another funder
• It is not intended that an award from this fund will provide the majority of funding for any supported event. Applicants are required to secure additional event funding from alternative sources
• The level of award applied for should be supported by a clear business case that justifies the request
• If your event is currently supported via another EventScotland funding programme for 2016 you will not be eligible to apply to this fund. However, you should discuss with your event manager how to maximise the opportunity that the themed year presents.
• The Festival of Architecture is a key element of the year and will be separately funded. It is managed by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. Any event funded directly by the Festival of Architecture will not be eligible for funding through this route.


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