Creative Dundee

Stuart Lindsay3


"My name's Stuart Lindsay and I've been running a Print and Digital Design business based within Fleet Collective called Pulse North for a little over a year now. Looking back over the past 14 or so months after starting the business, I'd say it's definitely had its ups and downs! No-one ever said working in the creative Industry was easy but, honestly - I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Working in Fleet Collective has definitely been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Collaborating with, and working around other creative people that all have their own talents, personalities, history (and quirks!) never fails to provide a warm, welcoming and often times entertaining environment. But I think the best part is that we're all determined to make Fleet Collective work, because although every member is a fiercely independent individual, we all still strive to strengthen our ties with each other both socially and professionally to create something bigger and better, together."


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