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Make Works are coming to Dundee

Make Works is an open access directory of local manufacturing which is free to use, and free to be listed. They refer to companies listed on their site as ‘factories’ which can range from one or two individuals to large manufacturing organisations. Each factory fabricates high quality work or provides facilities for making and manufacturing work yourself and listings include as much information as possible including costs, capacity, file types, materials, machines and processes available at each factory.

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The Make Works website features a browse and search function which enables you to discover 100s of hidden manufacturers and makers by location, processing or materials. The Make Works team verify and visit each factory, maker and workshop listed to ensure the quality of each factory. They also collect in-depth, practical information including turnaround times, minimum order costs and previous clients so that you can evaluate whether or not that factory is right for you.

Current factories listed in Dundee include:

DCA Print Studio

DCA Print Studio from Make Works on Vimeo.

DCA Print Studio is an open-access workshop for the production of printed work, including high-specification CNC digital fabrication.

Halley Stevensons

Halley Stevensons from Make Works on Vimeo.

Waxed cotton finishers manufacturing bespoke performance fabrics.

ESK Glazing

Esk Glazing from Make Works on Vimeo.

Stained Glass at Esk Glazing specialise in the bespoke production and repair of quality stained glass panels, windows and doors.


In addition to their digital services, Make Works run events, manufacturing meet-ups and Maker-Speed-Dater evenings which allows individuals to network with a variety of different manufactures in a speed dating style fashion.

Make Works will be visiting Dundee on the 14th, 15th and 16th September to meet and film new makers, fabricators, material suppliers and facilities. If you know of someone they should be visiting you can let them know here or, if you think that they should be visiting you then get in touch with them.


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