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Dundee Wearable Art Show – Sat 26th, 7-10pm

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DUNDEE WEARABLE ART production team is delighted to announce that their second annual show is taking place on Saturday 26th September (7-10pm), 2015 at Dundee Rep’s Bonar Hall. This year’s event is bigger and better and they cannot wait for attendees to see what they have in store for them.

After last year’s incredibly successful inaugural show, the production team have kicked things up a notch and decided to take advantage of new opportunities to enhance attendees experience. With their recent crowdfunding project, the team have been able to invite the 24 designers entering the competition this year to become more involved in the production of the show. In collaboration with artistic director Caitlin Skinner, event coordinators Claire Dufour and Lauren Herd have been facilitating several rehearsals for the entrants to meet with performers and ensure that their artistic statement is brought to the stage. This year’s Dundee Wearable Art Show will emphasise the element of performance and the designers will have their work(s) shown in very distinctive ways.

From left to right: Lauren Herd, Caitlin Skinner and Claire Dufour – Photo courtesy of Laura Mumby (31/08/15)

“We aim to promote multi-discipline arts and collaboration from participants at varying stages of their careers including designers, visual artists and hobbyists. This annual event showcases local designers in an unique fashion. The freedom of approach in wearable art means all sorts of different people with a wide variety of inspirations can take part. Celebrating those individuals and their work is what makes it so unique.”

With a new year and a new approach, Dundee Wearable Art will also be making some changes to last year’s event by encouraging collaboration with the artists entering the competition and hair & makeup designers to deliver a show in 4 acts, corresponding to the 4 sections of entry: olde worlde, technology, environment and open section.

After the show, a panel of judges including Sara Robertson (Lecturer and Researcher in Craft Innovation and Smart Materials at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee), and Annie Marrs (Project Coordinator UNESCO City Of Design & Place Partnership Programme at Leisure and Culture Dundee) will announce the winners.

First rehearsal

First rehearsal at Dundee Rep’s Bonar Hall – Photo courtesy of Laura Mumby (31/08/15)

Dundee Wearable Art challenges artists, designers and makers from Dundee and beyond in making work of art using the body as canvas for creativity. The annual show is an unique setting to showcase artworks that exists somewhere between abstract art and apparel. With a very loose set of rules, the competition, instead of limiting, actually form an open and accessible structure to build on – both metaphorically and literally – the human body. As long as you can wear it and you made it, it’s wearable art!

DWA poster

“We’ve beneficed from an amazing support from local businesses as well as the general public, and we took fully advantage of the generosity and expertise of our sponsors to ensure that everyone, artists, volunteers and attendees are enjoying the experience of Dundee Wearable Art Show.”

Tickets are available to purchase on EventBrite. Dundee Wearable Art are also running a Facebook competition which will allow a lucky winner who purchased tickets before 8pm on Thursday 24th September to get 2 x VIP ticket upgrades including cocktails on arrival.

For further information on Dundee Wearable Art please visit or get in touch with Claire or Lauren at


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