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PechaKucha Night Dundee Vol.13

Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 13 finally returned after a long summer break on Tuesday 10th November 2015, once again part of the great NEoN Digital Arts Festival.

PKNs run in over 800 cities all over the world, so it’s fitting for our 4th year anniversary that there was a strong global presence (and cake!). Thanks to our collaboration with NEoN which has a North East Asian focus, there were super fast talks on the night from people from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New York! We also heard from a number of people from Dundee and across Scotland.

At Pecha Kucha Night we have 12 diverse individuals who speak about whatever they like, and it’s a speedy format – presenters have 20 images and 20 secs per image – so just under 7 mins, which means you hear a lot of interesting, though-provoking and often inspiring stuff.

Richard Oparka PKN

Richard Oparka is a consultant pathologist at Ninewells Hospital. Along with his day job he runs the pathology component of the medical school teaching. In the age of modern medicine communicating complex molecular pathways to students and the public alike can be challenging. Richard is keen to explore new and innovative means to do this incorporating design concepts and the world of art and design in general.

Morvern Cunningham PKN

Morvern Cunningham is a freelance festival and events producer. She is the director, curator and producer of grassroots visual arts organisation LeithLate, and has been the driving force behind its various projects including The Shutter Project, The Mural Project, the annual LeithLate festival, and research project Leith Creative. She is also on the steering group of Creative Edinburgh. @leithlate

Adam Morrow PKN

Adam Morrow is a 4th Time Based Art student at DJCAD with a flair for the cinematic.
Learning filmmaking on productions in Fife and Dundee, he is currently studying the changing relationship between cinema and the audience through gimmickry and technological developments.
From passive spectator to active participant, he will explore the blurring of lines between the traditions of the silverscreen and the innovations of digital filmmaking through a uniquely interactive presentation.

Ryan McLeod PKN

Ryan McLeod is a designer of things that involve the internet, clever thinking and a sense of humour. He runs a design & innovation company called Slurpp and has worked with The Chemical Brothers, Channel 4, Chvrches and Tennent’s. He is driven by an overwhelming desire to never be beige. @madebyslurpp

Hell Yeah PKN

Hell Yeah are two artists who work together on large-scale site-specific illustration installations as well as commercial projects. They have a strong belief that art should be enjoyed by everyone and work hard to encourage public engagement and discourse. Their typical Scottish dry wit and youthful enthusiasm for life gives their work a raw yet playful mix, which can leave the viewer feeling both amused and uneasy at the same time. @HellYeahAgency

Eric Siu - Touchy PKN

Eric Siu has been described as one of Hong Kong’s most accomplished new media artists. He holds a BA from the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong (2005) and an MFA from the Department of Design / Media Arts at UCLA (2010). He is currently based in Tokyo and works as a creative director for Great Works Tokyo. His interactive media projects demonstrate his thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of digital media, as well as his ability to deconstruct digital images in ways that are both enlightening and amusing. He works across animation, device art, and kinetic art. @ericsiu

Nicola Donnelly PKN

Nicola Donnelly is an independent retailer proudly trading in Dundee’s City Centre as Time Lifestyle Boutique. It’s her ideal job as she enjoys buying things, being bossy and blethering. Along with some forward-thinking local indies she is on a mission to put Dundee’s Independent Retailers firmly on the map, well actually, become the map… but you get the idea… She also enjoys puzzles, sausage rolls, 60s girl groups and Chablis – preferably on the same evening. @timedundee

Donna Holford-Lovell PKN

Donna Holford-Lovell is co-founder and Director of Fleet Collective, co-curator and Trustee of NEoN (North East of North) and Director of Source Arts. Having worked as a curator at Duncan of Jordanstone and the Hannah Maclure Centre for many years she decided to escape the institutional shackles and set up Fleet Collective, an artist collective dedicated to a housing a collaborative working practice for local digital artists. She began working with NEoN in 2009. NEoN aims to advance the understanding and accessibility of digital and technology driven art forms and uses the festival platform to do this. Source Arts, formally Missions, Models, Money facilities critical debate and workshops around creative sustainability. Donna enjoys using these platforms as creative experiments for fostering communities of practice that get creative stuff done. @holfordlovell

Taeyoon Choi PKN

Taeyoon Choi is an artist and one of the co-founders of school for poetic computation in New York, an artist run school exploring the intersections of code, design, hardware and theory, focusing especially on artistic intervention. Their.motto is more poetry, less demo. Taeyoon Choi holds a BFA in Performance and New media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2004) and a MSc from the department of Culture and Technology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2007). He collaborates with engineers, actors and activist groups, developing projects based on the delicate process of research, public presentation, and education. @tchoi8

Alan Macdonald PKN

Alan Macdonald is an Architect and a director of Atelier-M architecture & design, a small design led practice located in the former post office building in Longforgan, Perthshire. Alan graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in 1992 and founded the practice in 2005. Atelier-M specialises in residential architectural projects and has also collaborated with various local artists to host two successful Art Shows in their studio gallery space.

Shu Lea Cheang PKN

Shu Lea Cheang is an artist, filmmaker, and networker located in the Eurozone since 2000. Cheang constructs networked installations and large-scale, multi-player performances in participatory impromptu modes. She drafts sci-fi narratives in her film scenarios and builds social interfaces with transgressive plots and open networks. Engaged in media activism for more than two decades in New York city, Cheang created the Guggenheim Museum’s first web art commission, BRANDON (1998-1999). She has made two feature films, FRESH KILL (premiered at Berlin Film Festival, 1994) and I.K.U. (premiered at Sundance Film Festival, 2000). Currently situated in a post-crash BioNet zone, Cheang’s recent work takes on food, technology, viral love, and bio hacking.

Ah-Bin Shim PKN

Ah-Bin Shim is a Seoul-based artist who originally studied in Dundee, gaining her BFA in Time Based Art and her MSc in Electronic Imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design from 2000-2004. Her handmade minimalist forms are interwoven with animated digital sculptures and films, exploring desire, solitude, friction and futility in a frank and playful way. Amidst the simplification and candidness, flickers of humour arise; a conscious ironic stance towards the heavy seriousness of her subjects.


Our regular ‘spread the word’ feature on the night also gives anyone the chance to grab the mic and shout out the events and opportunities they have coming up.

A huge thanks to illustrator, Sanna Dyker (@sannadyker) for the PKN illustration – the idea behind the design came to her from working in The McManus, Sanna wanted to include something directly connected to Dundee and when passing the Tay Whale, she thought it would be nice to bring him/her back to life. We think whales are also great because they are super communicators, just like the PKN platform!

Date: Tues 10th November 2015

Time: 7 – 10pm (event will kick off at 7.20pm)

Place: Bonar Hall, Park Place, Dundee

Tickets: £5 (to pay ondoor, click ‘Show other payment options’ under the big green ‘Order Now’ button when booking ticket)

Event hashtag: #PKN_DND

What is Pecha Kucha Night?

If you’ve not been to Pecha Kucha Night Dundee before, then all we can say is come along and try it out. PKN is part of a massive global network, which you can find out more about here.

Pecha Kucha Nights* were originally started back in 2003 in Tokyo, as an event for creatives to meet, network, and talk about their work in public. Since then Pecha Kucha, meaning ‘chit chat’ in Japanese, has spread internationally running in over 800 cities across the world. The much loved and respected format is relaxed, simple and enjoyable, with something for everyone – presenters have 6 minutes 40 seconds to show and talk through their 20 images, each for just 20 seconds – this keeps things fast and fun!

Pecha Kucha was devised and shared by Klein Dytham architecture. The PKN Dundee event is organised and hosted by Creative Dundee.


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