Creative Dundee

A Postcard from Stobswell

A Postcard from Stobswell was filmed as part of Follow Me! a project connecting people, places and stories from around the city. The aim is to capture the stories behind Dundee’s cultural hotspots. The places most important to local people – told through their own voices! You can find out more about the project and see the digital map, here.

These contributions are more than just places to visit, people talked about the importance of community spirit and support; and the activities and opportunities that people might not know are on their doorstep.

The project was initially developed over 2 days during Small Society Lab 2015 a project which explores the development and understanding of the small city of the future – a partnership between Dundee Contemporary Arts, the University of Dundee and Creative Dundee.

Film produced by Bonnie Brae Productions and Creative Dundee. Music by Kimble Bullets (Colin Paterson, Lewis Mcdonald and Rhuari Campbell).


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