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Dundee Christmas Gift Guide 2015

If you’ve read our Christmas Market Guide post which we published last week, you’ll see Creative Dundee is very much in the Christmas spirit this year! To continue unveiling the great array of creative talent based in Dundee, we got in touch with a few people in or from Dundee to ask them what Christmas gift they would like to see under their tree this year. If you have a recommendation of your own, simply tweet what the present is and who makes it with a link to their site if possible using #DundeeGift and we’ll try to add it to the bottom of this post to tell other people about the gift.

Joanne MacFadyen from Joanne Macfadyen Jewellery:

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“Has to be something by Judy Scott – Either one of her beautiful one-off scarves or a set of her stunning cushions.
I absolutely adore all of Judy’s work so its really hard to pick just one thing! Everything is so beautiful, all made with so much love, skill and her eye for colour and pattern are second to none! I am a huge fan! When I picture my dream home its decked out top to bottom in Judy’s work!”

You can view Judy’s shop at


Malath Abbas, independent games designer

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“A framed print from Momo & Sprits. I am a huge fan of illustration art and in particular character work. Momo & Sprits is a great Dundee based digital illustrator with a range of work from informative posters to funny chat stickers. In particular I love the characters which are full of life and tell stories through their beautiful design.”

You can view Momo & Spirits’ shop at


Scarlett Erskine from Scarlett Erskine Jewellery

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“A Mitchell and Black large magenta merino chunky tuck scarf. I would like to add this scarf to my collection of mitchell and black snoods! Absolutely love the quality and cosiness of their scarves and snoods. The colours, patterns and designs are beautiful and help make an outfit!! Lovelovelove everything Mitchell and Black make!”
You can view Mitchell and Black’s shop at



Jo Helfer from Hot Chocolate Trust

“I’d love a Swirl Flower Scarf by local designer Charlotte Lodge. I love Charlotte’s organic and playful designs and unique methods of making. We’ve both got a studio at Tin Roof and I love popping my head round the door to see what marvellous creation she is working on.”

You can view Charlotte Lodge’s shop at


Dylan Drummond from Son of The Sea

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“I would love to find a piece of furniture form Pepped Up Studios under my Christmas tree this year. Run from Wormit, just across the water from Dundee, they source vintage & antique pieces of furniture, restore and hand paint them in the loveliest of vibrant colours. I first saw Pepped Up studio’s pieces on sale at Jessie’s Kitchen in Brought Ferry and fell in love with the colours in particular. They use eco paints and organic beeswax in their process. I just love the idea of high quality pre-love items.”

You can view Pepped Up Studios’ work on their Facebook page.


Amy Buchanan from Berty B

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“A Freya CummingEast, West screen print’. I have just moved house so for Christmas this year I have asked for cheerful artwork to brighten up my bare walls. Freya’s work is as lovely as her and it’s been hard to choose just one print. Her prints have so much personality and humor. I love her bold use of colour and how she retains her sketchy style in all her pieces. I am a magnet to anything with pattern and I particularly like the subtle prints she integrates into the balloons in ‘East, West’. Freya also makes beautiful Christmas cards that I am looking forward to giving to all my family this year.”

You can view Freya Cumming’s shop at


Lauren Herd from Dundee Wearable Art

What Dundee made gift would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?
“Some lovely ceramics from artist Stephanie Liddle at homebodymakes. I love the cool tactile nature of these ceramic pieces. The patterns are really deliberately simple, I get the impression that Steph at Homebodymakes is pretty mindful about the process of making her work. I even managed to get a sneak peak at her great new homewares range during a recent artists talk at Tin Roof Studios, I can’t wait to get my hands on some!”

You can view Stephanie’s shop at


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