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Urban Landmark: the Vertical Project 2015

In conjunction with Dundee School of Architecture, Associate of Dundee Architect Students (ADAS) will be holding an exhibition of students work produced for the BTM design project and competition.

The project took place in the form of a week long charette in which students were asked to ‘complete the composition’ for the local site at Logie & St. John’s Cross Church. The church, completed in the 1910s, was never fully realised as per the architect’s drawings – leaving a broad tower base where a spire was originally proposed. Students were required to address the vertical element and also the horizontal in their response to townscape and context.

adas 1

The work produced is comprised of an impressive range of models, renders and drawings demonstrating creativity within the confines of a very tight deadline.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Monday the 1st February and continues from 2nd-8th February from 2pm – 4pm at Logie & St. John’s Cross Church, Shaftesbury Terrace, DD2 1HJ.


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