Creative Dundee

ALL SYSTEMS… go – Dance and Poetry

Inserting the body, through physical and aural presence, into the mobile systems we operate within and around, Cooper Gallery presents an evening of experimental dance and performance poetry in response to ALL SYSTEMS… go. Drawing attention to the performativity of the body and speech, elements present within the three moving-image works in the exhibition, this event explores the fictionality of these systems and their institutional counter-parts.

Widely respected dancers Jack Webb and Madira Gregurek will present their new performance ANEND, devised as a direct response and rebellion to the systems drawn attention to by the exhibition ALL SYSTEMS… go. Seeking to transcend the physical codes and languages expected of our bodies, Webb and Gregurek perform a reinvention of the politics of the body, its behaviour and movement.

Edinburgh based poet JL Williams will deliver a sequence of new and existing poems in live performance amongst the moving image works and architecture of ALL SYSTEMS… go.

This event on Wednesday 15th February is free and open to all. RSVP via their Eventbrite here.

For more information, visit Cooper Gallery’s website.


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