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Blank Arcade – call for submissions!

Understanding design as research, the Digital Games Research Association and Foundations of Digital Games Conference, aka DiGRA FDG Conference, invite submissions of games that explore the edges of play and research. The Blank Arcade collection will help answer a few key questions in games that are more effectively or more interestingly addressed through the experience of a playful artifact than through the analysis of its subject.

Whether digital game, or analog play design, these works will remind player and audience of the value of the experiential.

These games can fill in the blanks of design or provide spontaneous experiences, offering new game play experiences, highlighting spaces that are relatively uninhabited by other playful experiences or that simply remind players to play differently.

Artists submitting their work are asked to articulate through the designed experience some important questions:


The curators for this event will select submissions for an exhibit of games and related media to be displayed at the Abertay University’s Hannah Maclure Centre. Abertay University is recognized as a world leader in computer games and computer arts education, encompassing an increasing array of interdisciplinary research interests form technological innovation, to experience design, curatorship and museology. This event is also sponsored by American University Game Lab.

Digital and analog play are both welcome. Selected games will be available for play by conference attendees and the visiting public. The exhibition will have an opening reception on Wednesday the 3rd of August and run through Friday the 28th of October.

You can see previous Blank Arcade exhibitions here: Blank Arcade 2014 and 2015

Link to the submission form below, or for more information, contact Lindsay Grace or Emilie Reed.

Deadline 28 April 2016.

This form must be completed by April 28, 2016.



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