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Ten Little Memories

Ten Little Memories on Saturday 7th May is a unique theatrical event where the audience is given an illustrated play script to read to themselves, at their own pace, in an engaging setting. The play script is contained in a zine with illustrations and a comic whilst the setting features further illustrations, comics and animation. Show creator, Steven Fraser studied here in Dundee so is looking forward to bringing the show to our city as part of Ignite Sparks.

Ten Little Memories works by having attendees read the script, then use their imagination and encounter their own private play. No actors are present. The show takes a fantastic look at mental illness and combines illustration, comic books, animation and theatre to present an exciting storytelling experience.

The event was created with adults with autism in mind, but can of course be enjoyed by all!

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Tickets are £3 and available on the door or in advance online here. The event is held at Dundee Maker Space, The Vision Building.

Timings for the show are a little complicated and it works like this:
3pm. Doors open, enter anytime until 4pm, people are also welcome to come and go as they please for that hour. Last entry is 4pm, and it’ll close at 4.30pm

8pm. Doors open, enter anytime until 9pm, people are also welcome to come and go as they please for that hour. Last entry is 9pm, and it’ll close at 9.30pm.

It will take approximately 30 /40 minutes to experience the entire event at your own free will, but people can stay there for the whole 90 minutes if they want as it’s very relaxed.

Find out more about the event through Ignite Dundee here.


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