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16mm Workshop – Filming, Processing, Screening at Hospitalfield

Hospitalfield will host a three day, intensive, residential workshop with artist Mat Fleming between 16 and 18 August 2016. Book your space here.

The course gives an insight into using 16mm film cameras, planning for filming and then hand processing the film. There’s opportunity to film both inside the house and around the gardens and surrounding landscape, as well as trying out some lighting and in-camera effects. Using a small attic darkroom at Hospitalfield and recipes combining household products with photographic chemicals, the films will be processed and fixed ready to edit and then screen. The group will edit the films and work on the sound track. During the course, Hospitalfield will also screen examples of 16mm films made by artists and filmmakers and discuss the practical and conceptual approaches to screening 16mm film.

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Mat Fleming is an artist based in Newcastle who has worked with film since he was a teenager. In addition to making his own work, he has initiated, facilitated, used and advocated for collective making of film through collaborative projects with other artists, as well as members of the public. This opening up approach has led him to be involved in several cooperative ventures which provide a way to make and process film (FilmBee) and to view it (Cineside / Star and Shadow Cinema).

The workshop caters for a small group of participants so that you each get to know all aspects of the processes and have lots of chances to ask questions. If you have previous knowledge of other photographic or filmmaking techniques then this will be useful to you in learning about 16mm but you don’t need any experience to be able to do the course.

This workshop costs £275 which includes the course content and tutoring, accommodation and all meals. There’s an additional charge for film.

Learn more and book by clicking here.



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