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Hatch – a Dundee project hatching out this autumn

New Dundee project, Hatch brings people together to create short pieces of performing arts, which will then be put on as an evening of small, modular live performances. This autumn and winter, Hatch is appealing to all those across the city who want to spark new creative collaborations with the aim to produce new, original, short performances for their inaugural event in November. 

Hatch begins with a workshop and sharing day on Saturday 10th September from 2-5pm at Dundee Rep Theatre, where you will have the opportunity to mix and match your interests, ideas and skills with others. Open to all disciplines and free to attend, but please do book in advance here

Hatch brings the city’s vibrant creative scenes together, by facilitating collaborative working across art forms and by producing evenings of short live performances. Hatch aims to grow new and cross-arts audiences in the city through producing pop up events showcasing new works made in Dundee in a relaxed and social atmosphere, and on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.

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Ed Broughton, Director, Hatch

Ed Broughton, Director, Hatch

“We are looking for anyone and everyone to join in and make things that they hadn’t considered before. Maybe you write poetry but it only ever stays in your notebook? What if, by putting your head together with someone else, you could take those ideas and transform them into something that can be performed to an audience using actors or dancers. Maybe you’re a performer looking for someone new to work with? What if, by meeting someone new who can spark some ideas, it propels you to make a moving and engaging piece that’s close to your heart. That’s what Hatch will facilitate and then ultimately produce for the stage in a free event that’s open to everyone in the city.”

“We want writers of all kinds to come along to the workshop – anyone who’s ever put pen to paper. We want performers of all kinds, we want directors, we want anyone who has ever had an idea! There’s no such thing as a bad idea!”

Claire Dufour, Producer, Hatch

“The potential amongst those living in Dundee and Tayside to create new and interesting work is huge. Quite often the different creative communities in Dundee don’t cross paths, but we know we can advance the performing arts in our city through enabling emerging artists, groups and collectives to connect and collaborate with each other. To then show their work to an audience in a safe and appreciative environment will be eye opening and exciting for everyone involved.”

“We believe in collaboration, experimentation, mutual support and accessibility of the arts and Dundee is the perfect place for this to take wings and fly.”

Joe Douglas, Associate Artistic Director, Dundee Rep

“Dundee Rep is committed to supporting artists in and around the city – we want to reach out to the enormous creative potential here in Dundee. We are delighted to be able to support the first Hatch event and to seeing the great new work that will no doubt hatch from it. We look forward to welcoming you.”

Hatch’s first workshop is kindly hosted and supported by Dundee Rep Theatre.


Claire Dufour, Producer, Hatch

Join Ed and Claire on Saturday 10th September from 2-5pm at Dundee Rep Theatre to start your collaborative exploration in performing arts, mix and match your aspirations and expertise to make new amazing work. Hatch’s first workshop and sharing day is free and open to everyone – prior experience of the performing arts is not necessary. As part of the afternoon there will be performances of work that have been specially created for the event, using the Hatch methodology.

Hatch workshop
Sat 10 Sep
Dundee Rep Theatre
Tay Square
Dundee DD1 1PB

Free and open to everyone, but please do book in advance here.

If you are not able to attend workshop but are interested in taking part in the project, please drop us a line at


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