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Creative Chit Chat

Dundee digital designer, Ryan McLeod aka Slurpp has developed Creative Chit Chat. It’s a series of informal conversations with creative people who are either working in and around Dundee or have ties to the city. With new podcasts every Wednesday, Creative Chit Chat has already had 4 individuals to talk about their creative process.

The aim of Creative Chit Chat is to have open, relaxed and honest conversations with talented people. By exploring stories of their process, struggles and opinions of the city and its transformation, Creative Chit Chat could become a resource of meaningful and insightful content. Although the podcast will primarily be aimed at the creative community in Dundee, it’s an opportunity to showcase the great people that live and work here to the rest of the world.


The podcasts are about getting under the skin of creatives, and what they do, digging deeper to pull out their stories and understand the challenges they have faced. There are a number of challenges in sustaining a creative career, and the podcasts allow a platform for more people to talk about the difficulties they have faced in order to help others overcome similar obstacles. The podcasts will help creatives understand these difficulties and how to work together to overcome them.

Ryan McLeod said: “One of the reasons I started Creative Chit Chat was because I listen to a lot of podcasts and find them an amazing source of information, inspiration and entertainment. I felt that Dundee really needed one to help shout about all the amazing creatives here, to inform the creative community and inspire the next generation. With all the changes that are happening in the city right now it’s important to hear the opinions and voices of the creatives who are being affected by them.”

The content in Creative Chit Chat podcasts can also assist students and recent graduates by showing the variety of paths people take to sustain a creative career, with the aim of making connections between people and encouraging them to reach out.

You can listen to the podcasts via iTunes or Soundcloud. Learn more about Creative Chit Chat by visiting their website or by following @cccdundee on Twitter.


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