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Colin Anderson PKN

Colin Anderson is a veteran computer game developer who specialises in interactive audio design. Before taking on the role of Managing Director at Denki in 2000, Colin headed up the audio teams at DMA Design, Gremlin Interactive, and Rockstar North where he secured numerous accolades for innovative use of sound in computer games – most notably by giving Grand Theft Auto it’s now legendary in-car radio stations. At Denki, Colin and the team have been at the forefront of many new game markets, such as mobile phone gaming, interactive television gaming, casual gaming, etc., and worked with most of the world’s biggest media brands in the process. Throughout this, Denki’s primary aim has always been refining the practical craft of game development by borrowing the most effective methods from other industries and applying them to make their own game development process as efficient, sustainable (and enjoyable) as possible. This process (which they refer to affectionately as “The Denki Difference”) has now been refined over 15 years and nearly 200 commercially released titles including several BAFTA award-nominated original games such as Quarrel and Denki Blocks!. @denkicolin


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