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February Make/Share – Line Up

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Make/Share is a free monthly night, bringing people together to gain a behind the scenes insight into creative processes, held on the second Wednesday of each month, at The Beer Kitchen Dundee, from 7-8.30pm.

Join us on Wed 8th Feb from 7pm and hear short talks by local creative talents about the processes behind turning their idea, project or product into reality and how they engage with the city’s communities.

Speakers explore how their project or product has evolved, progressed, changed and transformed, how they experiment, what their biggest challenges have been and how they overcame them. After the talks we have a short opportunity for any questions and discussion, and for you to share your upcoming events with the group. We also invite you to stay after the talks to network with others.

We’re delighted to let you know that The Beer Kitchen is our official sponsor venue for Make/Share and supporting the event with a complementary beer or soft drink at arrival.

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!


Speakers this time include:


Steven Sinclair

Steven is a geoscientist, artist, social-media coordinator and aspiring photographer based in Dundee. He predominantly dabbles in illustration, fine arts and graphic design, with particular penchant for negative space and watercolour. Taking his inspiration from personal experience, the environment, and spirituality, his work remains varied, and largely organic, exploring ideas of viewer identity and purpose within urban and natural environments through storytelling. Steven will be talking about his month-long project 30:30 – which considered how mindfulness, creative arts, the environment and connectivity can be combined. Instagram: thatcreativeain | Behance: KidCreativeArts | Twitter: @ssinclair1611

Sofia Sita

Sofia is an Italian painter and illustrator based in Dundee. She graduated in Fine arts in Milan and in Editorial illustration in Bologna.
She works for clients looking for a visual problem to solve. These can be magazines, advertising agencies, organizations, publishers, galleries and so on..
She’ll talk about her projects done so far and how illustration can be versatile. Website: | Instagram: @sofia_sita | Twitter: @sofiasita2 | Facebook: Sofia-Sita

Jack Mitchell

Jack is in his final year of studying Product Design at DJCAD, where he’s working with digital technologies embedded in the city in order to improve the lives of Dundee’s cyclists. With a focus on the user at the core of his project, he will be discussing how he finds participants to work with, what research he conducts with them and how these insights can be used to develop a valuable concept. Website: | Twitter: @jthomasmitchell | Instagram: @jacktmitchell

Debora Pasquali

Debora is currently in her 3rd year of PhD here in Dundee at the School of Life Sciences. She works in a Genetics lab where they use the baker’s yeast S. cerevisiae as a model organism to study how cells ensure the maintenance of the right amount of DNA after every cell division. The correct distribution of genetic material in the cell is of vital importance, as the unequal distribution of chromosomes can lead to a number of genetic conditions and diseases, such as Down syndrome and cancer. In particular, they have developed tools to look at what happens at a molecular level using fluorescent ‘tags’ that they can ‘stitch’ to any desired protein we want to look at under the microscope. Twitter: @Dundeebora | Facebook: Dundeebora

*If you’d like to talk about a project you’ve been working on at our future Make/Share events, just get in touch with Claire!

7pm – 9pm: Second Wednesday of the month
The Beer Kitchen by Innis & Gunn
10 South Tay Street

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!



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