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May Make/Share – Line-Up

Make/Share is a free monthly event, bringing people together to gain a behind the scenes insight into creative processes. This month, the talks will be held during Dundee Design Festival in WRKSHP – a practical work base for designers and creatives to work from and share their practice with other creative practitioners and festival visitors, which is run by Creative Dundee and temporally installed in Gallery 1, West Ward Works, Guthrie Street, Dundee, DD1 5BR. Read more about this space here.

Join us on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th afternoon and hear short talks by local creative talents about the processes behind turning their idea, project or product into reality and how they engage with the city’s communities. The talks will happen every hour, on the hour from noon. Full line-up below.

Speakers explore how their project or product has evolved, progressed, changed and transformed, how they experiment, what their biggest challenges have been and how they overcame them. After the talks we have a short opportunity for any questions and discussion, and we also invite you to stay after the talks to network with others.

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!



Speakers this time include:

Thu 25th May – 12pm – Marsali Miller
Thu 25th May – 1pm – Kerry Kidd
Thu 25th May – 2pm – Stephanie Liddle
Thu 25th May – 3pm – Sara Robertson
Thu 25th May – 4pm – Ryan McLeod & Lyall Bruce

Fri 26th May – 12pm – Louise Kirby
Fri 26th May – 1pm – Malath Abbas
Fri 26th May – 2pm – Joanna Helfer
Fri 26th May – 3pm – Laura Geyer
Fri 26th May – 4pm – McGinlay Bell

Marsali Miller

Marsali is a designer based in Dundee. She graduated from DJCAD studying Interior & Environmental Design in 2016 and has since been involved with Creative Dundee, Dundee Global Service Jam and Dundee Design Festival. Marsali has been working with Creative Dundee to design WRKSHP, a creative co-working and workshop space in Dundee Design Festival. She will introduce the space and talk about her design process behind the project. Website:

Kerry Kidd

Kerry is a Raspberry pi enthusiast who loves to program and educate others about the raspberry pi and what they can do with them. She also enjoys tinkering with electronics and integrating them into things like robots. She is an active member of Dundee MakerSpace which is a social workspace for all people interested in making anything from electronics to art to furniture to software. Her talk will be about setting up Dream Digital, an educational space in unit 6 which she helped set up along with NEoN and Helm Training to teach a beginners game development course. Website: | Twitter: @KiddKerry

Stephanie Liddle

Steph is a designer and maker working predominantly in ceramics. With an eye for colour and pattern, and focusing on minimal shapes, combined with bold patterns and a limited colour palette, she creates pieces which are easy to wear and live with. Working from her studio in Dundee, she makes each piece by hand before using underglaze to introduce pattern and illustration motif. Steph will talk about her recent research as she developed a new collection of work, which she’ll be launching next month at the Fruitmarket Design Market in Edinburgh. She’s been exploring new production methods and clay bodies – moving from making predominantly slab-built work in stoneware clay to slip-casting using Parian porcelain clay. Website: | Instagram: homebodymakes

Sara Robertson

Sara is the Programme Director for Textile Design at DJCAD, School of Art and Design, University of Dundee. Her role involves, teaching, managing the course, and research, it’s an exciting and rewarding job. Her research focuses on the development of smart textiles, which involves the integration of electronics, smart materials or functional materials within a textile structure or as part of the surface. Sara will talk about a research project that she’s been working on with MYB Textiles in Ayrshire and Sarah Taylor, Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University in which they are exploring the feasibility of manufacturing smart textiles within MYB’s Lace Mill. Twitter: @PopUpWorkshop

Ryan McLeod & Lyall Bruce

Ryan and Lyall work at Fleet Collective which houses a variety of different creative disciplines that sometimes collaborate on larger scale projects and designed the identity and website for this years Dundee Design Festival. Ryan runs a design studio called Slurpp making things that generally involve the internet, clever thinking and a sense of humour – driven by an overwhelming desire to ‘never be beige’. Lyall is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator who sometimes works under the name Sooper Double D. Lyall’s work explores the boundaries of typography, character design and technology to achieve unique results. They are going to talk about evolving the identity of the design festival from last year, making it open-source and developing a unique website that looks to use the information generated during the festival in interesting new ways. Website: | | | Twitter: @madebyslurpp | @sooperdd | @FleetCollective

Louise Kirby

Louise is a designer, illustrator and visual explorer based in Dundee. She goes on adventures with her brushes in a world full of images, marks and patterns. Inspired by her observations on her journeys in the city to things that surround her, she specialises in capturing the magic and passion, responding to projects, place and commissions. Her decorative style retains the hand drawn qualities and she works on commissions as well as on her own range of greetings cards. Louise will be talking about her process from the ideas whirling about in her head to the finished product.  Website: | Twitter: @KirbyRecipes | Facebook: LouiseKirbyDesign | Instagram: kirbyrecipes

Malath Abbas

Malath is an independent game designer, artist and producer working on experimental and meaningful games. He is establishing Biome Collective, Scotland’s first game collective and co-working space in order to support a community of sustainable independent game makers, and to foster cross sector collaboration. He’ll talk about game design, production and making cool stuff, and look forward to your questions. Website: | Twitter: @maltron3D

Joanna Helfer

Joanna is an artist based in Dundee. Having just completed a two month residency at Alice Yard in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Joanna’s recent work explores the connections Scotland has with the Caribbean and how this has shaped our industrial and cultural heritage, and particularly in how this affects our current conversations about nationhood and the artist’s role in nation building. Joanna will talk about a new work she is creating in collaboration with the Dundee Ceramics Workshop and the artistic. community of Alice Yard in Trinidad which aims to create a platform for challenging our understanding of space, industry and Scotland’s role in the wider world. Website: | Twitter: @johelferartist | Instagram: @helferskelter

Laura Geyer

Laura is at the end of her Graphic Design degree at DJCAD. Her after uni plans are somewhat alternative as she intends to work as a freelancer from a nomadic design studio her partner and she has set up. Their studio will be a yellow VW camper van and they plan to travel while working remotely for clients at home and abroad. She’ll be sharing the process of developing and designing her own brand Yellow Matilda from start to its present state. Focusing particularly on the story behind the logo design and building our brand ethos. Website: | Portfolio: | Instagram: @yellowmatilda | Twitter: @YellowMatilda

McGinlay Bell

McGinlay Bell is an architectural practice established by Brian McGinlay and Mark Bell. The work of the practice is informed by a strong research and analytical focus on the design process that aspires us to create contemporary, familiar and architectures that are connected to place. Brian and Mark will talk about West Ward Works; their first impressions, some reflections as they’re getting to know it a bit better and the process of design based on the 3D visual and physical model making which they would propose to utilize throughout the project as a set of tools/props to communicate and develop ideas. Website: | Twitter: @mcginlaybell

Make / Share
Thu 25th  & Fri 26th May 2017
12 – 5pm
Gallery 1, West Ward Works, Guthrie Street, Dundee, DD1 5BR

You don’t need to sign up, just come along!


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