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A Taste of Syria

We have recently seen an increase of artists, designers and key individuals in Dundee’s creative industry whose work wrestles with the question of how to have a an impact in the world within a season of ongoing ‘world-changing’ events, shifts and tragedies. Just take a look at the most recent Pecha Kucha, speakers engaged with; creative activism, imaginations of dystopia, local democracy, asylum-seekers and much more.

The current situation in Syria is one of the more extreme of these ongoing global tragedies, but the organisers of A Taste of Syria in Dundee are taking a page out of Patrick Geddes’ book in regards to ‘thinking globally and acting locally‘. The event, on June 30th, will showcase the work of Syrian artists in classical music, poetry and film. All the money raised from ticket sales will go to Mishwar Amal, a Scottish charity supporting Syrians living in Lebanon.

Tamara Al-Om, one of the event organisers, explains: “With Dundee being a flourishingly diverse city with culture at its heart, holding such an event in support of the Syrians who are now making Dundee their home, gives us an opportunity to bring our communities together to increase understanding, provide an alternative perspective on Syria and also share in our celebration of each other’s rich and creative cultures.

Showcasing artists include;  Ayman Jarjour, an internationally renowned Syrian classical guitarist and graduate of The Juilliard School in New York, readings of Omar Imady‘s poetry and a selection of short films by Waref Abu Quba, Juan DelGado and films developed with the support of Bidayyat بدايات.

The event will also showcase music videos, short films and testimonials from Syrians living in Lebannon.

Book tickets on eventbrite for the evening, hosted by Dundee West Church on Perth Road, June 30th 7pm.



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