Creative Dundee

Art on Lochee High Street

The SOHS Art Collective will be having an artists’ meeting on Thursday the 27th July at the Lochee Library. The meeting will be an opportunity for current artists, and newcomers to hear about the Save Our High Street Lochee project and showcase their work. The project looks to identify creative voices in Lochee and give local artists the opportunity to get involved, showcase their work and collaborate with other artists & the local community.

SOHS Art Collective have been meeting with the Save Our High Street Lochee community group over the last few weeks about the issues, concerns and hopes for rejuvenating the experience of the Lochee High Street as well as providing artists’ with opportunities to show their work and collaborate.

Steven Sinclair, one of the group’s organisers, explained: “We believe that huge cultural and social benefits will come from art installations and creative community events

So far they have an digital animator, illustrator, two graffiti artists and a sculptor, but there’s room for more! Come along with your portfolio and join the discussion! 


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