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Tin Roof & Ceramics Workshop Fundraising Pub Quiz


It’s not often you get a chance to support important places in Dundee and have some genuine fun at the same time. Next Thursday night Tin Roof and the Dundee Ceramics Workshop will be giving you just that! Come along to a pub quiz to help raise funds, so they can keep doing their amazing work, at Clarks on Lindsay Street and bring your friends. Tickets cost £2 per person.

Tin Roof has been a an important place for local artists over the last few year, and recently the Ceramics Workshop continues to cement their place in the heart of the city. I caught up with Lauren Herd who has been a keen user of the workshop about the importance of continuing to support it.

 She said: “When I heard the Tin Roof folks were setting up Dundee Ceramics Workshop I got really excited. I rushed to sign up for the introduction to ceramics class and I’m now completely hooked! I took what I learned into my own practice as a community arts worker and had young people at DEAP and adults at the Maxwell Centre using earthenware clay for the first time. I think that’s the beauty of how DCW is set up, it’s inclusive and accessible to people in Dundee.

So come along next Thursday at 7:30pm and be part of it!


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