Creative Dundee

Street Art Trail Market

Venue: City Square // Dates: 19 August // Time: 9-4pm

OpenClose organised a street art trail in Dundee, painting doors in places all around the city centre. This Saturday you can find pieces for sale from all the different artists who worked on the trail, as part of the Farmer’s Market in the City Square.

Expect to see C.Gull, Whimsical Lush, STUC, SYKE, Steven Sinclair, Bleach, BFL, Lindsey Brown, John Fraser and Katie Guthrie all there to sell some original artwork. They will also be there selling maps of the trail and other goodies!

In the words of OpenClose; the art trail is all about ‘opening [spaces] up to the public and encouraging them to explore their city and go places they may not normally go, using new and exciting routes to rediscover their city. The artworks are all located in the city centre, and the trail can easily be completed in around an hour – we hope you enjoy the trail and have some fun exploring a different side of Dundee.

Altogether, this is a great opportunity for supporting local art and getting to know the city better. You can also find an online version of the map here.


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