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Dundee Delights

Dundee Delights a new illustrated greeting cards collection launched on Friday 13th October by designer Louise Kirby giving a fresh and positive image of the city. Louise will place free cards around the city hoping that the finders will send them to friends and family locally and to the far corners of the globe.  Louise would love to hear of where they end up be it an Aunty in Australia who loved days at the ferry beach as a child, an old school or university friend in another city that you want to hello to, or invite your granny in Lochee for a coffee and cake.

To share where they end up either email Louise Kirby on or #DundeeDelights on Facebook, twitter or Instagram.


Louise Kirby Dundee Delights greetings cards celebrate some of the delicious delicacies and iconic places in and around Dundee.  Her designs have a fresh approach to the city whilst retaining the hand drawn qualities.  Designs include Broughty Ferry Beach + Castle, The Dundee Penguins, Dundee cakes, Frank Gehry’s Maggies Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts and The McManus.  This collection is in the World’s Favourite Colour of Marrs Green and sunshine yellow to capture the positive direction the city is heading.

The Dundee Delights collection is available to buy from Louise’s online shop and the Dundee Contemporary Art shop, Pretty Fly in Broughty Ferry and soon to go into Visit Scotland (located in the city square) & The McManus, and directly from Louise Kirby at the WASPS Open Studios on 28th & 29th October, Makers for Maggies on 2nd December.

Louise Kirby, discussing her collection, said: “I want to create mementos of Dundee for people to share, spread the love and make others smile! I love snail mail and believe it’s important to say ‘hello’ and keep in touch rather than just texting or emailing.  I love getting something nice in the post rather than the bills and junk mail.

Check out Louise‘s work & keep up to date on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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