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NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2017

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It is that time of the year when you can dive into both local and internationally renowned visual art, brought to Dundee by NEoN Digital Arts Festival! On from November 7th-12th, the festival presents a programme of exhibitions, talks, workshops, screenings and discussions regarding a variety of visual art practices.

This year, NEoN Digital Arts will expand on it being Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, and unveil hidden histories by working with artists who use the current (and controversial) practice of ‘media archaeology’. Media archaeologists uncover and reconsider the obsolete, persistent, and hidden material cultures of the technological age – from big data software algorithms to tiny silicon chips. NEoN proposes that artists are future media archaeologists and time-travellers highlighting the continued relevance of our long past, creating an opportunity to excavate the internet!

The programme will focus on the tropes of current archaeology practices such as the visualisation of heritage assets, and the questioning of the geological sediment layers that evidence human life on planet earth. By putting artist’s concerns at the heart of the programme, a more complex picture of the material culture of the digital age will emerge. NEoN doesn’t seek to be merely nostalgic about technology but to expose, through artistic practice, how new technologies are understood now and will be in the future, in the creation of shared cultural experiences.


Make Your Own Wi-Fi Antennas

Make a Future Fossil

Petroleum Manga Weaving Workshop

Reinventing the Art Lab



Artists in Conversation

Mini Symposium



Geltung [Validity]: Perception of a Natural Right at GENERATORprojects

Future Artefacts at McManus and the Mills Observatory

Petroleum Manga at Dundee Science Centre

The Weather Makers at the DCA

Digital D’arcy and Rendering the Past at Mary Slessor Square.



Artists’ Short Films

Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times

ATARI: Game Over



Events & Performances

Pecha Kucha Night Vol 19

A Huge Space of Endless Predetermined Possibilities

Records and Wireframes


Media Archeology: Excavations



Suzy Glass, Creative Industries Officer at Creative Scotland, said about NEoN: “Creative Scotland are pleased to be able to support NEoN this year as they continue to respond with energy and vision to the opportunities at the interface between culture and technology. The festival provides a unique opportunity for audiences to engage with key artistic voices and practice from across the world, including the work of several artists based here in Scotland. NEoN’s work complements and enhances Dundee’s incredible reputation as a hub for digital creativity. It will be fascinating to see how their work in the city this year contributes to Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archeology.

Don’t miss this stimulating and thoughtful city-wide dive into visual arts and making. And until the actual festival, why not watch some of last year’s Pecha Kucha talks in partnership with NEoN?



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