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PechaKucha Night Dundee Vol.19

Pecha Kucha Nights run in over 900 cities around the world, they’re a quick-fire way of hearing from people across the city and beyond, and tickets generally go fast…

At Pecha Kucha Night Dundee we have around 12 diverse individuals who speak about whatever they like, and it’s a speedy format – presenters have 20 images and 20 secs per image – so just under 7 mins, which means you hear a lot of interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring stuff with an audience 300+ people it’s a great night out.

Our regular ‘spread the word’ feature on the night gives anyone the chance to grab the mic and shout out the events and opportunities they have coming up.

A huge thanks to Jasmine Holt for the incredible PKN artwork. Check out her website to view more of her designs.

Peggy Hughes

Was appointed Manager at the Dundee Literary Festival in July 2013 and after four weird and wonderful festivals in the city of Discovery, she departs at the end of November to become Programme Director at Writers’ Centre Norwich. She enjoys all sorts of bookish adventures, including being Chair of Literature Alliance Scotland, and interviewing authors at festivals wherever they will have her. Specialist interests include learning harmonica, listening to the wireless, Daniel O’Donnell, tweed and beards. Peggy still enjoys mentioning being on the List Magazine’s 2013  Hot 100 between tomatoes and the Proclaimers. @hughespeg and @literarydundee.

Norrie Millar

Is a freelance comics artist/cartoonist and current studio manager of Ink Pot, a Dundee based studio, dedicated to the creation of Comics and also giving new artists the support and opportunities to grow. He has worked with Titan Comics, DC Thompson and Aces Weekly, as well as self publishing his own work. @PrehistoricFrog

Rebecca Sharp

Is a writer and artist whose practice encompasses text, performance, visual and collaborative projects.  Her most recent play, The Air That Carries The Weight was performed at the Traverse theatre in Edinburgh with Stellar Quines theatre company.  She is currently writer-in-residence with Tatha Gallery in Newport-on-Tay.  Other work includes Unmapped – poems and paintings with artist Anna King; Rules of the Moon, a performance with sound artist Philip Jeck; The Wakeful Chamber, a play with original score by Pippa Murphy; and Poetry Apothecary, an ongoing series exploring alchemy, scent and writing.

Lyall Bruce 

Is a graphic designer and illustrator, who had an ongoing promise to fill in if a Pecha Kucha speaker was not able to attend. PKN Vol. 19 turned out to be that time, so Lyall got on stage and improvised an entire Pecha Kucha talk to someone else’s slides.

Alan Clark

Is Project Manager of Create Paisley, a youth arts charity based in Renfrewshire, heading up a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who aim to make a difference in the life of young people in Paisley through offering high quality free arts opportunities, youth advocacy, workshops, events and much more. Working closely alongside Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture in 2021, Alan is passionate about seeing young people reach their potential. Alongside his work with Create, Alan supports Creative Renfrewshire, a network of over 120 freelance and creative organisations and is big fan of cultural-led regeneration. @createpaisley

Jeannette Ginslov 

specialises in Screendance, AR and the internet. She has an MSc in Media Arts & Imaging from Dundee University (Distinction) and is currently a PhD candidate at London South Bank University, researching the enhancement of digital-dance practice using biometric and qualitative data to visualise and communicate somatic experience. Jeannette collaborates with phenomenologist Susan Kozel, on the Screendance and AR Projects: AffeXity and the Somatic Archiving Project in Berlin. She is also co-curator and co-director of Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd and teaches 40+ Ballet Classes in and around Dundee. @ginslov


Is a visual-sound art collective founded in 2013 by Arnaud Eeckhout (Belgium 1987) and Mauro Vitturini (Italy 1985) based in Brussels. Like the sound wave, their favourite medium, VOID’s works are time-based and site-specifics, in accordance with the resonance of the places they inhabit. and

Jim Glover

Was born and lived in Dundee all his life. A varied career – Apprentice Plumber, jute mill worker, Tayside Regional Councillor, Security Sergeant and for the last 17 years a receptionist with a well known local organisation. Interests include football, music and latterly amateur photography using only my phone camera! Any spare minute is usually spent out and about snapping.

Paul Dolan

Is an artist, musician and Senior Lecturer of Animation living in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His work explores the connections between virtual and natural environments. Wireframe Valley (remade 2017) will be shown alongside Paul Walde’s Requiem for a Glacier(2013) and the skeletal remains of an extinct Tasmanian Tiger as part of Records and Wireframes at CentreSpace, November 9 -19th.

Ele Carpenter

Is an amateur expert on nuclear aesthetics. Living in the nuclear anthropocene, she juggles making art, curating and writing in search of a shared space for creative techno-strategic resistance. Ele will be in the middle of installing her artwork ‘A Laboratory for Variable Risk Perception’ in Dundee, and will give us a demonstration of the luminescence of uranium glass in her talk on why ‘The Goddess of Uranium is Angry’, a whistle-stop tour of uranium from the formation of the earth to the underground storage of nuclear waste. @elecarpenter

Naomi Lamb

Has been a prolific live video art performer for the last 20 years. Utilising techniques and process that are often associated with the ever growing subculture of VJing, she presents under the name of ‘The Wander’. Naomi’s process is to utilise layers of diverse video loops into an ever evolving collage colours textures, shapes and intuitively mixies visuals, live. With a Masters in Digital Media Design Naomi has an intimate knowledge of not only the process of live video performance but also an wide reaching connections within the VJ community and has performed at many of the leading outdoor music and art festivals in New Zealand with a debut at two English Festivals this summer and she is super pleased for her first time mixing it up in Scotland to be at the NEoN closing party.

Mark Daniels

Is a curator based in Edinburgh. For the last ten years he has been the Director of New Media Scotland, the national development agency fostering artist and audience engagement with all forms of new media practice. In concert he is chair of the Alt-w Fund, which was initiated in 2000 by Scottish Screen in Dundee to support artists and technologists to make new work. He’s associate curator of the NEoN Digital Arts Festival. Since 2009 he has delivered almost sixty expanded cinema events under the auspices of New Media Scotland’s Atmosphere programme. @mediascot

Andrew Kesterton

Is not very successful geologist, but still loves geo, and since leaving the rocks behind has worked to use maps and spatial information to help protect nature, deliver local services @dundeecouncil, and co-ordinate responses in emergencies with @MapAction.  This can all work better with good open data so he’s now on a mission to @opendundee.


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