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The Beans Podcast: a Dundee-Based Show About Stories

The Beans Podcast is a new Dundee-based weekly show that brings you short non-fiction stories about a wide variety of themes. Hosted by Sam Gonçalves, Valerie Mullen and Erin Farley, who each pick topics they are interested in and report back to the other hosts with their findings and clips from a field interview. Episodes so far have covered; Space exploration, polyamory, Common Riding, Ted Bundy, Tinder’s influence on the last general election and much more!

The creators of The Beans have a handful of episodes they would recommend if you’d like to get into the show:

The Doomsday Clock

Sam speaks to the manager of the Doomsday Clock, which is meant to mark how far we are to the end of life on earth! They talk about nuclear threats, the origin of the clock, global warming and how we can make a difference.

Monsters Are Us

In a Halloween episode, Erin dives into the world of scary stories. She makes special mention to Dundee’s history with scary stories, and where the fear in those myths really comes from.

Virtual Reality

Valerie stopped following the progress of Virtual Reality a long time ago, so she decides to speak with someone who works at a company which is at the forefront of creating VR experiences! We discuss the implications of VR, both negative and positive

Erin Farley, co-host of the podcast, describes it as: “A very informal conversation. Listening to it feels like listening to your friends have a chat. What I love about it is how each of us are interested in completely different topics so people will always find an episode they enjoy by looking through the archive“.

As part of a strong Dundee-based wave of new podcasts, The Beans has taken the bold step of delivering weekly micro-documentaries in a variety of topics! Search for the Beans on iTunes, Soundcloud or your podcast app of choice and you’re sure to find an episode that suits your interest!

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook


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